Assorestauro, the Italian Association for Architectural, Artistic and Urban Restoration, was established in 2005 as the first Italian association of manufacturers of materials, equipment and technology, suppliers of services and specialized companies to represent the sector of restoration and conservation of heritage both in Italy and abroad. Assorestauro is an autonomous, independent, non-party and non-profit entity. To date, it is the sole association and a reference in the domestic and international market for anyone willing to start working in the conservation sector in Italy, to be intended in the broadest sense, that is, as a synthesis of the various disciplines involved, of the professional specialists, of the available technology and of the growing business community. If examined as a whole, the sector accounts for a large market share and has a meaningful impact on tourism, industry and bioconstruction.


The Association promotes the dialogue between companies and institutions, such as the Organizations for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of the Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Institute for Foreign Trade. In particular, the Association aims at bringing the business community closer to the standards organizations and the academic world, with a view to creating a virtuous circle of collaboration in the area of scientific research and in the application of its results within a constantly growing body of standards.
The core philosophy of Assorestauro is to bring the actors of the sector, which is so meaningful both in economic and moral terms, around a common table to discuss and plan work activities and methods. The goal is certainly ambitious, as for the first time the business community acts proactively and puts technical development before speculation in a sector that is increasingly proving to be a driver for Italian economy and is eventually getting a fair place in the tourist sector.
Assorestauro intends to promote unity among all the professionals who work in the area of conservation (also not as their core business) and contribute to develop a conservation project and carry it out in the site, the highly specialized companies executing the works and the manufacturers of technology and materials strongly oriented towards innovation of methods and technical know-how. The ultimate goal of this unity is to make a strong action in the Italian territory and to export a common model capable of representing Italian excellence and conveniently boost the sector of Italian conservation. To this aim, an essential step is building a relationship of trust between the institutions, the university world and the business community through the action of a third party striving to guarantee the qualification of its members.


Cuba MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) and Cuba IILA (Instituto Italo Latino Americano)
ICE (Italian Trade Promotion Agency) Workshops
Projects of Internationalization MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) - Italian Regions-China
Med Art-Internationalization of restoration in Turkey
Med Art followup
Med Art2 Project
Huber Palace Project - Istanbul
School of Restoration Russia-Italy

> QA, QUADERNI DI ASSORESTAURO_The official magazine of the Association. The magazine covers the sites, the projects and the activities carried out by its members within certain projects, whose publication is always linked to special initiatives, often of international standing.
A regular yearly appointment for the magazine is the organization of the International Workshop ITA/Assorestauro during the Restoration Exhibition in Ferrara. Since 2013, this issue of the magazine also includes the annual publication of the Members' Yearbook.

> ASSORESTAURO'S CONFERENCES_Assorestauro organizes conferences in Italy and abroad in the frame of international projects, financed by the Association alone or with institutional bodies, or with the contribution of its members.

> TRADE EXHIBITIONS IN ITALY AND INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS_Assorestauro has held for 8 consecutive years a collective exhibition area for its members at the Salone del Restauro in Ferrara. Moreover, the Association organizes b2b meetings at the annual ITA WORKSHOP, itinerant classes of Restoration and Conservation in Italy, with meetings held throughout Italy and run by Assorestauro for 9 years now on behalf of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, with the participation of foreign specialists of restoration and institutional delegates from different countries worldwide.
Assorestauro also attends trade exhibitions abroad.



  • 01: project analysis and engineering
  • 02: design
  • 03: restoration materials and technology
  • 04: restoration and recovery interventions
  • 05: other services for cultural heritage