Lebanon is mainly an import country and traditionally features a sizable trade deficit. Italy, which firmly rates as the second supplier for Lebanon and first European exporter to the country, continues with its internationalization policy to help trade between the two countries, even if Lebanese economy was affected by harsh political tensions for some years. Lebanese economy is open and liberal, characterized by free circulation of goods, capital, people and ideas. As a general rule, the government does not intervene in economy and state property is limited to basic infrastructures and services.

The initiative in Lebanon organized by ICE-Agenzia in collaboration with Assorestauro, involves both Assorestauro members and non-members and includes training and trading seminars addressed to operators specializing in restoration. In particular, the action will include a workshop followed by B2B encounters concerning some special topics: - conservation of urban architecture (structural conservation and consolidation methods; methods for the conservation of finishes; lime-based products and materials for restoration);  museum design and arrangement; - conservation of archeological facilities and their conversion to museum space.