The grand tour, organized in November from 3rd to 9th, is addressed to foreign operators in cultural heritage, architecture and restoration sectors from Israel. It focused on strategic worksites in Bologna, Ferrara and Venice as symbols of the Italian methodologies and techniques in restoration and reuse. During the training days, the participants had the chance to visit both restoration sites and to attend special seminars with experts, architects and local institutions. During the visits, the guests could improve their knowledge about restoration and history and meet and discuss directly with local experts and institutions, to begin new economic and cultural relations. 

  • Sunday, November 3rd

25 Israeli restoration experts arrived in Italy.

BERGAMO: Cathedral of St. Alexandro and the Palace of the Region

  • Monday, November 4th

BOLOGNA: Fountain of Neptune, and attic of the Basilica of St. Petronio with Kimia and Leonardo

  • Tuesday, November 5th

BOLOGNA: Headquarters of ASCOM with El.En. and Ibix, conference entitled "Bologna Pulita as a tool for the UNESCO nomination of the Porticoes of Bologna". Italian companies who took part at the Med Art Israel project presentations

  • Wednesday, November 6th

FERRARA: Palazzo Naselli Crispi with Leonardo.

Headquarters of Tryeco 2.0, a presentation of Geomar. Visit at the MEIS – National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah.

  • Thursday, November 7th

VENICE: San Marco Basil – Niche of the Tomb of Vitale Falier with Fibre Net. Zecca Bridge, and Ex-Church of St. Lorenzo with Lares.