Restauro in Ferrara


"From 6th to 8th April, the historical venue of Restauro in Ferrara will be reopening its doors to welcome a wider and wider public with a new subtitle that becomes the manifesto of this XXIII Salone dell’Economia, della Conservazione, delle Tecnologie e della Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali e Ambientali, the 23th Fair of the conservation, technology and promotion of cultural and environmental heritage. 

The Salone 2016 wants to involve people and has been involved itself in a plan of big reforms and change, as part of the Ministry’s new culture management policies of which it is the ambassador this year, as it gives pride of place to cultural economics, the essential role played by the conservation and promotion of our cultural and environmental heritage, and the universally-recognised prominent role that technology plays in making such initiatives more effective and efficient.

A new dress that has been sewn up along with MiBACT – the Italian Ministry of Culture, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, a historical partner of the event, which finds the Salone the perfect setting to showcase Italy’s museum system in its entirety and complexity; actually, MUSEI, a new fair specifically designed for the trade and closely connected with public and private museums, will be held to coincide with Restauro. Companies specialising in light design, climatology, software and other technology, hotels, guarding, catering, bookshops and merchandising (in addition to architectural restoration, the flagship of the event) will mix with the usual 250 exhibitors into an even richer and better show.

From professionals to art lovers, visitors and supporters of our enviable cultural heritage, this year’s fair wants to reach out to all the people who feel somehow involved in this un-missable event."