Restoration in Ferrara 2018

XXV edition. to 21th from 23th March_Ferrara Fair

At the 2018 “Restoration, Museums and Cultural Business Trade Show” too, Assorestauro staged a collective exhibition area aimed at presenting its member companies and welcoming the foreign operators visiting Italy for the annual course sponsored by ICE-Assorestauro, which was involved this year Iran, Cuba, Kosovo, Albania, Lebanon, Russia, Mexico and United States.

During the exhibition, Assorestauro organized a number of activities, and namely:
March 21nd, afternoon > CONFERENCE H-BIM. Interazioni e modellazione per il patrimonio
March 22rd, morning > CONFERENCE Export the restoration practises a balnce between training and promotion
March 22rd, afternoon > B2B encounters at ICE_ASSORESTAURO exhibition area
March 23th, morning > CONFERENCE Heritage & Sustainability. Restauro e ricostruzione sostenibile del patrimonio culturale

The foreign delegates will be at the Exhibition on Thursday 22th March to participate to the conference about internationalization and to the traditional B2B encounters.