Training and visit to Italy for Foreign Architects and Restorers

Training and visit to Italy for Foreign Architects and Restorers
PROGRAM_Workshop ICE-Assorestauro

3th-9th May 2015_Italy


TURIN, May 4rd _ monday

Istitutional visit Museo Civico di Arte Antica of Palazzo Madama in Piazza Castello
_ Surveying methods and graphic rendering, Geomar
_ Behind and Below: the Restoration of trampled works of art, Nicola Restauri
_ Chandeliers restoration, Reale Restauri

Visit to worksites _ Ex Cinema Corso
_ Conservative restoration and extraordinary maintenance of the historic façades of the Ex Cinema Corso, VGS Costruzioni
_ Special cleaning works on the Ex Cinema “Corso” building in Turin, using the micro-air-abrasion method Ibix®

EXPO MILANO, May 5th _ tuesday

Expo Presentation VISIT
_French Pavilion. a mix of tradition and modernity, CMC Ravenna

BERGAMO, May 6th _ wednesday

Visit to Teatro Sociale and Chiesa del Carmine

_Restoration and technologic adaptation of Teatro Sociale di Bergamo, Studio Berlucchi
_Project of restoring, fund raising and scheduled maintenace for the church of S. Agata nel Carmine, Studio Servalli & Sironi

Visit to ITALCEMENTI - AI.LABRED KILOMETER technological park

RAVENNA, May 7th _ thursday

Visit to Palazzo Guiccioli, Palazzo Rasponi

_Fondazione Flaminia, a foundation for the development of the territory, Fondazione Flaminia
_On the way to facility management in Cultural Heritage, Ediltecnica
_Digital models for documentation, valorisation and restoration: the case study of decorative elements belonging to Palazzo Guiccioli’s facade (former Palazzo Osio), in Ravenna, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna - Superiore di studi sulla Città e il Territorio
_Scanning of the design elements of the eaves of Palazzo Guiccioli in Ravenna, TryeCo 50

FERRARA, May 8th _ friday

Welcome to the ICE/Assorestauro Stand
Presentation of International Projects

SEMINAR in Salone del Restauro

New Prospectives for the Internationalization

PART II_TURKEY Presentation of MED ART Follow-up Projects: The Restoration of the Sheik Suleiman MesjidThe

PART III_RUSSIA The Russian-Italian School of RestorationPresentation

PART IV_BULGARIA Development of cooperation between Italy and Bulgaria