Tel Aviv

9th - 11th December

From 9th to 11th November Assorestauro, as part of the Med Art Israel project funded by the Emilia-Romagna region, accompanied 8 Italian companies on a technical/commercial mission to Israel, on the occasion of the V International Conference of Building Conservation – Habima Tel Aviv Theatre.

The following detail tasks


Monday 9 December

Tour of the sites of most interesting local restoration in Jaffa accompanied by the architect Michal Bar. Places visited: Setai Hotel (restored), The Jaffa Hotel (restored) and in Tel-Aviv accompanied by conservative architect Amonon Ber Or. Places visited: Rothshild Avenue (site/restored), Engel House (restored). The Tour was organized by Shimur – The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, dedicated to the international delegation of invited speakers for the conference.


Tuesday 10 December

Exhibition and Conference Day

Starting at 8:00 a.m. The International Conference for the Conservation of Buildings – Habima Tel Aviv Theatrewasheld. The day included moments of B2B meetings dedicated specifically to Italian companies, meetings at the exhibition area and a technical conference throughout the day.

12.20 – 13.30 Assorestauro and the Italian companies were sent to present the know-how of the restoration, showing cases studies of particular interest, in the conference "Italian Preservation Technologies and Methods for Cultural Heritage"



Survey and Analysis – Case Study of Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa

Leonardo – Andrea Griletto: To Restore the Concrete: Substance and Structure

Technologies and Materials for the Conservation of Historic and Modern Buildings

El.En. – Cleaning Method, case study: The Baptistery of Florence

Ibix – Innovative, Technical Solutions for Micro-Air-Abrasion Cleaning in Historic Preservation Supported by Mobile DiagnosticLab Kit

Fibre NetArchitectural Conservation and Seismic Rehabilitation of the Historical Buildings with InnovativeTechniques

Kimia – Restoration orf Monumental Buildings Using Traditional Interventions and Innovative Solutions

The shipyards of the re-stay, management and case studies

Lares – Case Study of Rialto Bridge

Tryeco  2.0 – New Technologies  and DigitalManufactory Heritage

Closing cocktail of the day with international participants and senior members of Shimur at the rooftop of the Cinema Hotel in the presence of the Italian Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti.


Wednesday 11 December

Jerusalem tour of the ancient city and cultural sites accompanied by the local director of Shimur – The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel and arch Moshe Chaim Betzalel Shapiro. Live Locations: Tower of David (museum), Hansen House (restored), Schneller Orphanage (worksite).