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A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Assorestauro and APTI_Association for Preservation Technology International during the Restoration Trade Show in Ferrara. The agreement will kick-start partnerships between Italy and Canada with special actions in the restoration sector. During the conference about internationalization organized annually by Assorestauro during ICE Workshop at the Restoration Trade Show of Ferrara, whose title this year was ‘Designing restoration in the world', the two associations publicly signed a biannual agreement with the aim of reaching common goals of promotion and knowledge spreading. The agreement was signed by the presidents of the two associations: Mr. Alessandro Zanini of Assorestauro, and Mr. Dean Koga of APT International.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two associations will promote each other's activities with their usual methods, media and channels. In detail, they will:
- promote actions (conferences, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, etc.) aimed at spreading the notion of the importance of restoring historic buildings as a key element to boost economic and cultural growth;
- start cultural exchanges and other initiatives aimed at spreading the knowledge about methods and techniques in the restoration sector, by organizing conferences and workshops in their respective countries;
- participate jointly to international financing programs concerning the development of projects in the fields included in the scope of the memorandum of understanding;
- strengthen their mutual support to attain their specific statutory objectives.

WHAT IS APT International ?

The Association for Preservation Technology_APT International is a multi-sector organization committed to the promotion of the best available technology for the conservation of historic buildings. Today, being an APTI member means having great opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas. In fact, as of today, the Association can boast hundreds of companies and corporations from all over North America (Canada and the US) among its members.
APT International members are based in more than 30 countries and include conservators, architects, engineers, advisers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, curators, developers, educators, historians, landscape designers, students, technicians and other professionals directly involved in the use of methods and materials for the restoration, conservation and protection of historic and cultural heritage.
The international and multi-sector approach – including numerous publications, conferences, training sessions, awards, scholarships, and technical commissions – makes APTI the leading network for all professionals and companies working in the field of historic conservation worldwide.

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