15 -21 september 2019

Milano - Bergamo - Verona - Ferrara - Venezia - Padova

Itinerary Workshop Restauro

from 15 to 21 of September 2019

58 Foreign delegates from Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Canada, Cuba, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Syria, Turkey, USA, Uzbekistan, will visit some restoration work in progress, proposed by our associates, an opportunity to explore operating methods, technologies, materials and products used.

They will also be present at the International Restoration Exhibition in Ferrara for a series of activities that will involve them together with Assorestauro Members: conventions, technical meetings and b2b.


Milano, Monday 16

Opening conference Restoration Week 2019 - Castello Sforzesco, Portico degli Elefanti

European Chapter launch ceremony – Learn more HERE


Visit to: Sala delle Assi at  Castello Sforzesco

Michela Palazzo, MIBACT Direzione Regionale della Lombardia

Alessandro Zanini, EL.EN spa


Visit to: of Duomo di Milano

Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano


Bergamo - Verona, Tuesday 17

Worksite visits

Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo

Studio Berlucchi

Ex ospedali riuniti, Bergamo

Fibre Net spa

Porta Nuova, Verona

Ibix srl

Torre Pentagona, Verona



Ferrara, Wednesday 18 – Thursday 19

Salone Internazionale del Restauro di Ferrara

Opening Ceremony

B2B meeting at Assorestauro stad A4- A12

Thursday 19 Internazional Conference

"The meaning and marketing of restoration in Italy and target Countries: an overview" – Program Here


Visit to: worksite Duomo di Ferrara

Leonardo srl


Venezia, Friday 20

Worksite visits

Galleria dell’accademia

Lithos Restauri

Ponte della Zecca

Lares Restauri


Padova, sabato 21 settembre

Worksite visits

Villa Giovannelli

Lithos restauri