Lebanon, March 2016

Training Course, Seminar, B2B Encounters are being planned


Lebanon is a country with a “high density of cultural heritage”. Lebanon can boast five UNESCO World Heritage sites over a surface area of 10,452 sq. metres, encompassing finds, sites and monuments bearing witness to the artistic feats reached from the Bronze Age (the Phoenicians) through the Roman Empire to the Arab domination. The guerrilla and the war in 2006 caused heavy damage to the Lebanese heritage and accelerated the degradation of monuments and archeological areas. In the aftermath of World War II, a number of actions were started to protect heritage, including the Cultural Heritage and Urban Development – CHUD, to which Italy and France (AFD) and the World Bank participate.

Assorestauro was entrusted by ICE_Agency with the task of helping the internationalization and foreign promotion of the Italian companies, as well as of providing the coordination and scientific management of a training course addressed to the Lebanese operators specializing in restoration.
The leading institutional partner of the initiative is CDR-Council for Development and Reconstruction, a public body established by Decree Law n.5 of 1977, to meet the needs for reconstruction and development of the country. In particular, CDR is the contracting authority for the projects linked to the protection of the cultural heritage in the framework of the programme CHUD, Cultural Heritage and Urban Development, to which Italy, France (AFD) and the World Bank participate.

The training action, which is currently being organized, is aimed at involving Italian restoration businesses, either members of Assorestauro or not, in a workshop focused on some special topics, as follows:
- architectural and urban conservation (structural conservation and consolidation methods; methods for the conservation of finishes; lime-based products and materials for restoration);
- museum design and arrangement;
- conservation of archeological facilities and their conversion to museum space.

The Training Course will be held in Lebanon from Monday 7th to Friday 11th March and includes training sessions, visits to archeological sites, presentations of restoration projects and  b2b encounters.

- maximum number of 12 participants, which may also be NOT members of Assorestauro
– flat-rate reimbursement of participation
– publication of case history in Quaderno di Assorestauro
– business promotion through the website of Assorestauro.

Prospective participants must submit their application not later than January 28th by filling in the company profile form in English, detailing the topic of interest and offering a brief abstract of the case study they wish to present. In case the  applications exceed the maximum number, the best case-studies will be selected.

For more information, please refer to the secretary's office.



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