Made in Italy presented in Cuba

A promotional plan in Cuba is currently under preparation. The plan includes a number of actions aimed at promoting Italian style and products in the sector of cultural heritage and architectural restoration. Training actions in Italy for Cuban operators will be carried out by IILA, the Italian and Latin American Institute, which will provide theoretical training with the help of various institutions, universities, research centres, schools and laboratories. Assorestauro will develop a programme based on the presentation of new methods, materials and technologies in the sector of restoration.
The first step of the project, from October 26th to November 28th, will include visits to Italy by two technical delegations and one institutional delegation from the Cuban Oficina del Historiador de la Habana Vieja.
To complete the institutional programme developed by IILA, Assorestauro will provide a one-week session of workshops (November 9th to 14th) to the two technical delegations  (Milan, Bologna, L’Aquila), with the participation of businesses working in the sector, and a one-day matching session to be held in Milan on November 27th.