The agreement signed between Assorestauro and APTI_Association for Preservation Technology last March, aimed at promoting cooperation and exchange activities, has now started to bear fruit with an early mission of Assorestauro in Canada.
Following the first encounters and thanks to the confidence Assorestauro has met with APT International, whose aim is to develop cultural and commercial exchanges with Italian restoration specialists, the Canadian association invited Assorestauro to participate to their annual conference, whose title this year is “CAPITALizing on Heritage” and will be held in Ottawa from 11th to 14th October.
For this occasion, APT (Association for Preservation Technology) and the National Trust for Canada joined their efforts to create Capitalizing on Heritage, which is the largest collection of conservators and restorers of North America. Conservators, architects, engineers, heritage designers, policy makers, construction managers, cultural landscape specialists and public administrators will gather to share and present the best available technologies, policies, tools and methods to preserve and renovate cultural heritage.
Therefore, Assorestauro is now selecting 6 member companies interested in participating to the event, which will be attended by a large number of North-American companies working in the restoration sector.


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