Back from Tabriz


A new cooperation was started between Assorestauro and the Tabriz Islamic Art University, Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism. The first of two missions of Assorestauro to Iran was held between October 13th to 17th (the second one is scheduled for December), with important representatives from the Italian academic world and a group of specialist companies attending a 4-day session of conferences and discussions with Iranian counterparts.
The leading thread was the sensitive issue of seismic protection of historic buildings in Iran – a fairly topical issue considering the high seismicity of a large portion of the Iranian territory and the nomination of Tabriz as the “Tourism capital of the Islamic countries 2018”.

Under the chairmanship of Dr. Kaynejad (Head of Islamic Art University of Tabriz) and Dr. Morteza Mirgholami (Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Tabriz Islamic Art University), a number of technical and scientific seminars were held by some authoritative academics, including Professor Carlo Blasi,  Professor Claudio Modena, Professor Lorenzo Jurina, Professor Andrea Giannantoni, who introduced some approaches and methods of intervention on protected historic heritage, the result of long-haul experiences and know-how developed after the more or less recent earthquakes in Italy. Along with the contributions by Italian experts, some Iranian guests shared their experiences and sensitivity with respect to the local architectural heritage. The discussion resulted in a great and important time of exchange of methodologies and technologies, which contributed to enrich the cultural and scientific know-how of both countries.
At the conclusion of the conferences, a frequently heard remark was that the two countries are very similar in terms of seismic risk of large portions of their respective territories and in terms of richness and relevance of their cultural and architectural heritage. Such issues demand careful and prudent action when strengthening and improving the seismic resistance of buildings with a view to preserving the extant heritage.

An active role was also played by the companies, all members of Assorestauro - BOVIAR, BOSSONG, FIBRE NET, GEOMAR, ITALIANA COSTRUZIONI, STUDIO BERLUCCHI – representative of the high technological level and innovation content characterizing the Italian restoration business. They contributed their approaches, possible solutions, “case histories” and detailed technical interventions. The topics focused on the issues of diagnostics and surveying, engineering and technologies compliant with the universally recognized principles of conservation. Thanks to the essential contribution of ICE Teheran, in the person of Dr. Tony Corradini, a number of B2B encounters were organized with Iranian professionals and companies, which helped understand better the Iranian market and prospective opportunities. Our skilled and proactive colleagues in Tabriz showed great interest in the Italian products and technology, so that the encounters proved to be intriguing.

Some time was also spent on leisure and social occasions, in a very friendly mood and in a context animated by the enthusiasm and energy of the students of the Faculty of Architecture of Tabriz University.
We wish to express our warm thanks to all the participants who made the event successful and proved once again the excellence of Italian business.

[by Cecilia Zampa]



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