The Project of salvation, consolidation and restoration of the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio

The Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio, called by the people " of the Holy Souls " is an eighteenth-century religious building located in Piazza Duomo in the city of L'Aquila. A quick chronicle shows how the Church occupies a special place, both in terms of religious and historical importance, among the religious buildings in L'Aquila; many in fact have been seriously damaged by the earthquake of 1703 that are restored, partially rebuilt, modified or modernized but always taking into account the initial construction. The Confraternity of the Suffrage, with its modest headquarters in Via Roio, obtains instead the authorization to build a new building on the main square of the city, in the same square of the cathedral. The construction of the building was carried out in three main stages, alternating finishing operations with decorations according to the financial resources of the Confraternity.


The restoration and rehabilitation of Monza’s Villa Reale and its gardens

Due to the mentioned requirements of functional self-sufficiency the project involved completion works of the stairs in the southern wing confining with the Main Building, so as to make them accessible to the visitors of the Central Body. The main goal of the work was to combine the ancient historical and artistic elements of the central body of the Villa with features that could support the economic intervention. This way, in parallel to the refurbishment of the historic rooms on the noble floors of the main  building, the project included the following interventions:
1. the requalification of the Belvedere floor with the selection of new intended uses
2. the regeneration of the spaces on the ground floor functional
3. adaptations for a new enjoyment of the Villa.


[di Attilio Maria Navarra e Matteo Enzo Crucco]