Seminar Decorative Surfaces


Restoration & Conservation of Decorative Surfaces (Ornaments)

Seminar  in collaboration between Isfahan University of Art, Assorestauro & EK Consulting Engineers
December 10th-12th 2016
Isfahan University of Art


In architecture and decorative art, ornament is a decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object. Large figurative elements such as monumental sculpture, Brick works, stuccoes, stone carving surface, ceramics and etc., and their equivalents in decorative art are excluded from the term; most ornament does not include human figures, and if present they are small compared to the overall scale. Architectural ornament can be carved from stone, wood or precious metals, formed with plaster or clay, or painted or impressed onto a surface as applied ornament; in other applied arts the main material of the object, or a different one such as paint or vitreous enamel may be used.
A wide variety of decorative styles and motifs have been developed for architecture and the applied arts, including pottery, furniture, and metal work. In textiles, wallpaper and other objects where the decoration may be the main justification for its existence, the terms pattern or design are more likely to be used. The vast range of motifs used in ornament draw from geometrical shapes and patterns, plants, and human and animal figures. Across Eurasia and the Mediterranean world there has been a rich and linked tradition of plant-based ornament for over three thousand years; traditional ornament from other parts of the world typically relies more on geometrical and animal motifs.
Iranian architecture displays great variety, both structural and aesthetic, from a variety of traditions and experience. Without sudden innovations, and despite the repeated trauma of invasions and cultural shocks, it has achieved individuality distinct from that of other Muslim countries". Its paramount virtues are: "a marked feeling for form and scale; structural inventiveness, especially in vault and dome construction; a genius for decoration with a freedom and success not rivaled in any other architecture.

In the framework of the relations developed with Iran with the support of ICE Agenzia, and particularly thanks to the agreements signed between Assorestauro and Isfahan University of Art, a seminar about Restoration & Conservation of Decorative Surfaces (Ornaments) will be held from December 10th to 12th.

The aim of the seminar is to exchange experiences in the field of decorative surfaces restoration & conservation between Italian experts and Iranian one’s. Both countries deal with high number of high valuable decorated and carved surfaces in historical buildings and it is of main importance to exchange and put together the experience of both countries to improve knowledge and practice with latest technologies and methodologies in the field of conservation. So Seminar focuses on modern techniques and material usage for restoration, conservation, cleaning and consolidation of plasters, frescoes, stone, stuccoes, ceramics & etc.

A delegation of Italian university leaders, professionals and manufacturers of technology and materials travelled to Isfahan to share with their Iranian colleagues their know-how and specific operational methods in a wide programme of report sessions and BtoB encounters.


The seminar will be held for 3 days, each one focused on a special topic of interest.

Saturday – 10th December (First day of seminar)

Sunday– 11th December (Second day of seminar)
Methods and Technologies

Monday – 12th December (Third day of seminar)
Products in restoration and technology



Italian Universties and Research Groups on restoration and conservation of historical surfaces
AssoRestauro_Italian Association for Architecure, Arts and Urban Restoration
Italian Trade Agency (ICE)
Italian Professional, Professions and Upper level Researcher on restoration and conservation of historical surfaces 


Isfahan University of Art, Faculty of Conservation & Restoration
Emarat Khorshid Consulting Engineers (EK), Tehran
Isfahan Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization
Tabriz Islamic Art University
Iraninan Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization
Iraninan Research Institude of Cultural Heritage
Tehran University, Faculty of Conservation & Restoration





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