The companies who participated to the Lebanon mission have returned to Italy after spending four days on a rich programme of activities and encounters, which have helped them lay the foundations for future collaborations.
The Workshop was attended by distinguished members of the Ministry of Culture of Lebanon, the Delegation of Syria to UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Cultural Heritage and Urban Development – CHUD (an organization committed to reconstruction with concrete initiatives sponsored by the World Bank).
The meeting offered a valuable chance to learn a hub of details about the method of operation of all the participants and about ongoing projects (as well as the projects scheduled for the next future) regarding the themes of reconstruction and financial support.

Institutional meetings – which favoured mutual learning and understanding – were coupled with practical sessions and demonstrations of Italian products and technologies applied to the most renowned archaeological sites, including Baalbek and Tyre.
In detail, the presentations (by Bresciani, Fibre Net and Kimia) held in Baalbek were focused on such structural issues as the application of mortars, consolidation systems and devices on some masonry structures made available by the Ministry, which selected some not valuable and protected elements for the purpose.
On the other hand, the issue of masonry surfaces, cleaning and treatment of stones was dealt with during the session held in Tyre, where the involved companies (Bresciani, Ibix, El.En, Kimia) presented their products and technologies specially conceived for restoration activities.

The practical on-site sessions were greatly appreciated by the Lebanese participants, who had the chance to assess the high level of expertise of Italian companies and the heterogeneity of the sectors linked to the restoration world in the framework of Assorestauro Association.
At the same time, the different sessions of the workshop helped shed a light on the prospective fields of cooperation and outline a draft programme of a joint action to be developed with the same methods that Assorestauro has tested elsewhere, including vocational training, especially with practical on-site sessions.

The mission, where all participants contributed their collaborative mood, came to a very positive end, with a new meeting scheduled for next autumn to suggest concrete collaboration projects between Assorestauro, and its member companies, and the Ministry of Culture of Lebanon.


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