An intense participation by Assorestauro


The participation to Ottawa International Conference organized each year by ATPInternational Association of Technology was a successful mission for all participants.
Assorestauro met the American public at a collective exhibition space, where all participants were given the opportunity to present their specialist business at best.
As it often happens at the conferences held in America, lectures and workshops have been matched by b2b encounters and time to spend in the booths dedicated to corporate promotion so as to encourage contacts.
During the 4-day-long Conference, Assorestauro had the chance to introduce its activities and specialization through a number of speeches.


Thursday 12th October

In its quality of partner of the Italian Institute for Culture of Toronto, Assorestauro organized a conference with the title: “The restoration of Modern Architecture: advanced methods & technologies for ensuring correct & effective work”.
The papers presented at the conference offered a very synthetical insight into the topics of the Course of Modern Architecture Restoration organized in autumn 2016 by Assorestauro with the Roll and Foundation of Architects of Florence.


Friday 13th October

Introduced by President Dean Koga, the President of Assorestauro, Mr. Alessandro Zanini, participated to the opening ceremony of the Conference to speak about the association and the agreement signed with APTInternational.
Among the various papers selected by APTI among the proposals suggested by the participants, the speech by Rossana Gabrielli from Leonardo srl raised public awareness on “The restoration of modern architecture: advanced methods and technologies to guarantee correct and effective interventions”.


Saturday 14th October

Assorestauro presented its ongoing Project Cuba REDI with a brief report by its President aimed at illustrating the frame of relations that helped make the project possible, as well as with a more detailed technical speech with the title “A new age of cooperation: Cuba, from Restoration to sustainability” by Ailyn Posada, Chief Architect with Projecto y Restaura dell’Oficina del Historiados del Ciudad de la Havana, a company invited by the Getty Fondation, which is currently working on a cooperation project with Latin American countries.


At the end of the Conference, Ms. Caterina Giovannini, President of Assorestauro Servizi SRL, was appointed as member of the Board of ATPInternational, which always takes advantage of these events for other activities related to the management of the association.
After this mission, which was a successful event for both contacts and promotion, Assorestauro is planning its next action in Cuba in 2019.




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