Use of Fiber Reinforced Polymers on historic artifacts represents an innovative technique for structural consolidation and reinstating of marble sculptures. The restoration of Neapolitan Martyrs Monument is an example of how the FRP can be applied with different techniques for different types of damage. Preliminary tests were performed by the Material Engineering and Production department of the University of Naples “Federico II”. The restoration of the marble lions’ tails was carried out in collaboration with Olympus-FRP, Tepco and Brigante Engineering. The project involved the recovered fragments of the tail of the “Lion run through with a sword” reassembled by inserting carbon-fiber bars fixed by epoxy resin and the portion of the tail of the “Threatening look lion”, formerly substituted with a concrete prosthesis, recreated by using an inner expanded-polyurethane bar covered with CFRP and epoxy resin, finished with a FRP-meshed and acrylic-resin.