in Cathedral of Nardo'


For the qualification process of the Cathedral of Nardò we designed a system aimed at providing the building with a new lighting system as well as at optimising consumptions for a remarkable energy saving. All illuminating devices are characterized by extreme flexibility, allowing to modify the luminous fluxes through a continuous regulation of the load; moreover, using both halogen and LED lamps, the project provides for dual domotical control systems by an electronic system of interconnection and management (BUS) with a DALI protocol to manage the illumination and an electronic system of management and interconnection with a KNX (open) protocol to supervise. All illuminating devices are specifically conceived for us and equipped with DALI feeders and therefore all adjustable to each “functional scenario”. Hence, should the needs of the Cathedral change, it will be sufficient to update the “scenarios” and reprogramme the system, avoiding masonry works or interventions on the systems.