Restoration-Museum, Ferrara Fair


In the framework of the action for the promotion of Restoration that ICE_Agenzia sponsors in collaboration with Assorestauro, the Restoration Exhibition of Ferrara and the traditional ICE-Assorestauro international workshop offer the chance to activate new synergies and encounters for the development of future exchanges.
This year too at the Restoration-Museum session, the foreign delegates visiting Italy will make a stop in Ferrara to participate to the Restoration Exhibition. A delegation of 21 foreign operators from Iran, Kosovo/Paesi Balcanici, Libano, Russia, Turchia, USA, Cuba, Bulgaria will participate to B2B encounters on Thursday 22rd March, at 2.30 pm in ICE_Assorestauro exhibition area (Sala Massari)

If you are interested in participating to the encounters, please click on the link and fill in the form:



STATI UNITI    National President of Association for preservation technologies
STATI UNITI    Executive director of Association for preservation technologies
STATI UNITI    National Vice-president of Association for preservation technologies

IRAN               Vice dean of Art Islamic University Tabriz
IRAN               Emarat-e Khorshid (studio tecnico)
IRAN               VICE Director- General Ministry of Culture East Azerbaijan

RUSSIA          Studio di architettura e restauro Simargle
RUSSIA          Istituto di progettazioni di restauro CNRPM

KOSOVO        AAB University Deputy Dean Faculty of architecture and fine arts

ALBANIA       Head of Department _Ancient and Medieval Architecture of the National Institute of Cultural Monuments “Gani Strazimiri

LIBANO         Directorate general of Antiquities -DGA
LIBANO         Project Manager of the Beirut Museum Project undertaking by CDR
LIBANO         Archaeologist Baalbek and Hermel office - Directorate general of Antiquities

TURCHIA      Vice-General Director of VGM
TURCHIA      Resp. Area Diyarbakır of VGM
TURCHIA      Res.Area Antalya of VGM
TURCHIA      Region Istanbul of VGM

CUBA             Oficina del Historiador da La ciudad de la Habana- cooperation office
CUBA             Impresa costruttrice Puerto Carena

BULGARIA    Ministero della Cultura Bulgaria – capo esperto
BULGARIA    Presidente Associazione restauratori Bulgaria