ICE Workshop 2016 now completed


ICE Workshop 2016, where Assorestauro was involved in escorting some foreign delegates invited by ICE_Agenzia in their journey throughout Italy, has successfully come to an end. During their week in Italy, the delegates were given access to some restoration sites, whose works were illustrated by the Assorestauro member companies who joined the initiative.

The 25 foreign delegates from the US, Canada, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Chile, Peru and Argentina also visited the Restoration Exhibition in Ferrara, which proved to be an interesting chance for them to meet some Italian companies/agencies/associations etc. willing to start business relations in their countries. The b2b encounters took place in Assorestauro exhibition area during one whole afternoon until after the closing time of the show. Iran and the US were the most sought-after contacts. During the exhibition an important meeting with Cuban delegates was held with a view to presenting the progress of the project of a Technological Centre in La Havana.

The WS week ended with Assorestauro gathering several interesting suggestions for new promotional activities to enact for its members and for the development of new initiatives aimed at continuing and improving the ongoing exchange and trade relations.