Quaderni di Assorestauro



_ Presentation of “ITA - Italian Trade Agency”..
_ Presentation of “Assorestauro”
_ Presentation OF “Restauro Made in Italy”
_ Presentation of “Restoration Week”

_ Memorial of the Shoah in Milan. a place for commemoration and knowledge
_ The Cistercian Abbey of Chiaravalle. Restoration, conservation and maintenance of the Ciribiciaccola 
_ Between past and future of an Italian leisure villa. The restoration of Villa Arconati gardens
_ A set of linked extraordinary buildings. the Pio’s Palace and its restoration
_ San Benedetto in Polirone abbey. post-earthquake rehabilitation design with BIM management system 
_ Consolidation of the main pillars of Ferrara Cathedral. From a failed disaster to archaeological suggestions
_ The reconstruction after the earthquake in 2012. the Archbishop’s Palace of Ferrara
_ Conference agenda at Salone del Restauro 
_ The restoration project of Palazzo Diedo in Venice
_ The restoration project of the Doge’s palace in Venice 
_ The former Casino in Venice Lido. The Complexity of aproject