Since 2005, the world of Made in Italy conservation and restoration has been represented by ASSORESTAURO – the Italian Association for Architectural, Artistic and Urban Restoration.

ASSORESTAURO is the first network of Italian companies that connects the entire supply chain of the sector: producers of materials, equipment and technologies, service providers, companies specialized in the restoration and conservation of material heritage.

An association to share experiences, collaborate on major national projects, compete on international markets.

ASSORESTAURO is autonomous, independent and non-partisan. It is the synthesis of various disciplines, specialized professionalism, innovative technologies and entrepreneurial vocations. It is the voice of a sector that has important economic repercussions in the tourism, industry and bio/construction fields.


  • Representing the Italian restoration supply chain in Italy and abroad
  • Networking among associated companies in the sector
  • Enhancing the quality of Italian restoration

How: The Association promotes dialogue between companies and businesses and the institutional world, i.e. the institutions and bodies for the protection and promotion of cultural heritage. In particular, it aims to bring the business world closer to both standardization bodies and the academic world in order to create a virtuous circle of collaboration in the field of scientific research and in the application of its results in a constantly growing regulatory framework.


The central philosophy of Assorestauro is to bring together a relevant sector both from an economic and an innovation point of view, in which the proponent subject is the Italian business world, which cooperates in the growth at a technical level of a sector that increasingly takes the form of economic flywheel, finally finding its rightful place in the cultural sector.

Our history

A network that grows from year to year.

A multitude of experiences that bring us closer.

Our history


Foundation of the association in Milan


Start of collaboration between the ICE Agency and the Ministry of Economic Development


First publication by the association


Birth of the “QA – Quaderni di Assorestauro” magazine


  • Signing of the Convention with the Ministry of Culture – Directorate General for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes
  • First edition of the Assorestauro Annual Convention in Florence


  • Start of collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • First edition of the Restoration Week


  • Creation of Working Tables among the members
  • Election of the President


  • The first 100 members!
  • Election of the board of directors 2021/2023
  • Birth of the Scientific Technical Committee


  • Creation of thematic commissions
  • New Assorestauro Logo


Upcoming Governing Council elections 2023/2025