Why join Assorestauro?

In Assorestauro you will find a place where you can meet other companies operating in the restoration sector with which to confront, create network and build new promotional and technical activities.

Assorestauro, National Category Association for the Restoration sector, represents:

Manufacturers of materials and technologies

Cleaning, consolidation, equipment

Restoration companies

Specialized and certified OG2, OS2A

Design studies

Engineering and Architecture

Service providers for analysis and survey

Diagnostics, Laboratories, Laser Scanner

Enhancement services for Cultural Heritage

Museums, Digitalization, Communication, Publishing

It provides associated companies with information, advice and promotion services through its office and partners.

What are the concrete benefits?

  • Free participation in the annual Assorestauro convention
  • Participation in thematic committees of members
  • Free annual subscription to “Recupero e conservazione” magazine (agreements)
  • To become a speaker in the courses created by Assorestauro with institutions or training bodies
  • First free advice on funding calls (agreements)
  • First free legal advice (ask the attorney)
  • Free participation in international projects organized with ICE Agency and coordinated by Assorestauro
  • Presence in the yearbook on paper and online
  • Company page on the site assorestauro.org
  • 50% discount to exhibit at Restauro – International Restoration Exhibition in Ferrara
  • Participation in the collective “Piazza del Restauro” exhibition at Made Expo at a discounted price
  • Direct contact with graduate schools and affiliated universities for the activation of internships and doctorates

How to associate?

By sending your application to our secretariat including:

  • Company registration report
  • Curriculum of restoration work

tel. 02. 34930653

Association modalities

Assorestauro’s members have the right to participate in any activity proposed by the association and to propose in turn, both during the annual meeting and through communications to the secretary.

The Statute of Assorestauro (Title II, art. 2) provides for three different types of members:

ASSOCIATE MEMBER – annual fee € 540
Cannot be elected to the social charges (unless expressed, in terms of candidacy, by an effective member)

EFFECTIVE MEMBER – annual fee 1,100 €
Can be elected to the social charges and then participate in the board of directors  renewed every two years) and run for president (election of the president every four years), has full voting rights in the assembly

HONORARY MEMBER – no membership fee
Participates in the life of the Association without the right to vote and election to social positions and without the burden of paying any contribution to any title; Postgraduate Schools of Restoration Specialization as well as Technical Institutes and Vocational Schools linked to the sectors and companies represented by Assorestauro are honorary members.

How to renew your membership?

For members the membership is automatically renewed in the absence of cancellation at the end of the calendar year.

Assorestauro – Via Boccaccio 14, 20123, Milano
C.F. 97394500157
IBAN IT30Z0569601606000006770X45


The member who no longer intends to participate in the activities of the association must send notice for the year 2024 by 31/12/23, via pec to amministrazione@pec.assorestauro.com