HD SYSTEM works in the restoration field and the natural building producing and projecting every day product based on natural hydraulic lime. The solution of the pathology of deterioration carried out on the bases of specific problems, changes the concept that has been used previously which did not consider the need to investigate on the causes before suggesting the solution to the degradation. For this reason the laboratory researches and diagnostic examination in situ helped to HD System to reach a certain level of specific knowledge, which results in the daily activity of designing products based on specific needs of the building site. The knowledge of materials and specific techniques of intervention that HD System has reached overtime are essentials elements that give a professional support for those who work in the field of historical preservative restoration. The R & D laboratory through a dynamic and continuous technological progress, designs new products according to diagnostic analysis that carried out on original samples of mortars and according to the needs of intervention. The advice designing stage and the assistance in the building site together with flexibility of minimum order quantity and fast deliveries, are details who made of HD System the ideal partner for designers and restoration companies. Between the different solutions suggested are distinguished for certificates and quality attestations the following systems: structural consolidation, walling dehumidification, restoration and reconstruction of the historical plasters, stone recovery, thermal improvement, painting decoration and façade finishing.