The company was founded on August 8, 1986 by Ing. Antonio Buono, in the respect of the earth, his men and his story. For 30 years we have been working with quality and safety procedures. We work with competence, reliability and availability to the needs of public and private institutions. Restoration, construction of buildings, renovations, archaeological excavations, realization of hydraulic and electrical installations: they are the areas of our competence.


Certificazione ISO 9001:2015
Certificazione ISO 45001:2018
Certificazione ISO 14001:2015
Rating di legalità ** 2022

SOA Certifications:

Certificato Classe Column 3
OG 1 Edifici civili e industriali IV bis fino a euro 3.500.000 06/10/2017
OG 2 Restauro e manutenzione dei beni immobili sottoposti a tutela V fino a euro 5.165.000 16/10/2017
OG 11 Impianti tecnologici II fino a euro 516.000 16/10/2017
OS 6 Finiture di opere generali in materiali lignei, plastici, metallici e vetrosi II fino a euro 516.000 27/03/2023
OS 21 Opere strutturali speciali II fino a euro 516.000 27/03/2023
OS 25 Scavi archeologici II fino a euro 516.000 16/10/2017