Pimar S.r.l. was born in 1994 as a natural continuation of the Marrocco family’s activity in the field of the natural stone from Lecce, which has its roots in the past century. The company gained know-how is very high and has been handing down for 150 years. The present company leaders, the brothers Giuseppe, Giorgia and Daniele Marrocco, together with their father Salvatore, who is the current president, have developed and evolved the company, always characterized by research, experimentation, planning and communication. They allocate financial and personal resources in order to give value to what can be really defined a  “family stone”, so that it can go on doing the best to meet any architectural requirements and to be employed in more and more different new contexts.


Certificazione DNV per il sistema di gestione di qualità aziendale ISO 9001-2008