The company 3C Costruzioni 2012 srl. owner of the brand Politect and holder of an international patent, has been operating since 2012 in the field of production and sale of polymeric mediums for the restoration of artistic, monumental and architectural heritage. These products, designed in collaboration with the center of diagnostics and restoration of the Vatican museums, exploit the chemical and physical characteristics of polyvinyl alcohol and, acting as a supporting agent for the substances normally used in the field, performing a chemical and mechanical cleaning while preserving the natural patina and the surfaces onto which they are applied. All products can be modified according to the substrates on which it is going to intervene, allowing the operator to compose ad hoc formulations and targeted to each intervention the company is also developing and researching new eco-friendly solutions. The company operates on the Italian and foreign market, boasting collaborations with institutions such as the Venaria Reale, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence and the Italian Central Institute of Conservation