SYREMONT Syremont starts up in 1987 from the Montedison group and in very few years reaches a high level position in the preservation and valorization of the cultural heritage, applying the group’s knowledge to the development of products for the conservation processes. Syremont specialises in a large range of interventions: from microclimate measurement to diagnosis of the state of conservation of materials, from fine tuning of new conservation methodologies, up to treatment with specialised products. In 2002, Thesauron, acquired a majority share of Syremont from the Montecatini company (today called Edison Group). Syremont looks on to new opportunities in the fields of architecture, design, exposition display, storage and multimedia technologies. It invests in qualified professionals and increases the technical competences to the point of creating an engineering company and obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the following activities: # scientific and technological research for restoration and conservation products and services; # diagnostics and environmental monitoring; # design and execution of conservation and maintenance operations; # architectural and engineering design services related to the installation and museum exhibitions.

SOA Certifications:

Certificato Classe
OG 2 Restauro e manutenzione dei beni immobili sottoposti a tutela II fino a euro 516.000
OS 2-A Superfici decorate di beni immobili del patrimonio culturale e beni culturali mobili di interesse storico, artistico, archeologico ed etnoantropologico I fino a euro 258.000
OS 6 Finiture di opere generali in materiali lignei, plastici, metallici e vetrosi I fino a euro 258.000