Pubblicazione realizzata nell’ambito della missione tecnica in Bulgaria, Sofia 2014


presentation of “ICE”
presentation of “Assorestauro”


Italian excellence in the restoration of Sofia
Cinzia Bruno


Giovan Battista Cavalcaselle, Giuseppe Gerola and Cesare Brandi: tendencies in the restoration of Ravenna’s mosaic
Antonella Ranaldi

Restorers’ training. Worksite Schools at the Superintendence of Ravenna and the recent international experiences
Antonella Ranaldi

Reviews and comparisons between different methods of cleaning for wall paintings used in the laboratories of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence
The mural paintings in the left transept of the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence: comparative tests of laser cleaning
Alberto Felici

Conservation problems of the mosaic from the Martirium at the underground level of the Basilica of St Sophia in Sofia
Petar Popov

Creation of a copy of the Raya Mosaic
Nikolay Sotirov


The General Contractor Role in the Restoration Works

The evolution of architectural detection

Thoughts on restoring mosaics guidelines and methodologies
Claudia Tedeschi

Guidelines for drawing a fair proposal for mosaics integration
Peron Francesco Maria

Innovative technologies for restoration of monuments damaged by the earthquake in Abruzzo
A new tecnology to creating internal support system for “Madonna di Pietranico”

The use of cleaning laser in the conservation of the archaeological heritage
El.En Spa

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