As a solid leader in the monumental restoration sector, the firm boasts a forty-year tradition. This solidity has allowed us to be involved in and committed to the restoration of some prestigious and coveted monumental sites of international fame. Some main Neapolitian restorations include Castel dell’Ovo and Castel Sant’Elmo; the Royal Palace; the S. Carlo Theater; Villa Rosbery; the Virgil’s Tomb Park; the Royal Palace in Caserta along with the English Garden and its ‘800 and ‘700 apartment side. Some further activities have involved the redevelopment of some rooms of Castel Capuano in Naples, UNESCO heritage. In time, CAPRIELLO VINCENZO S.R.L. has also continuatively performed several conservation and recovery interventions aimed at the maintenance and decoration of the Colosseum in Rome, and the restoration and readjustment of the house of Augustus on the Palatine Hill (Rome). The firm can also boast a decennial legacy of its own branch office in the city of Lecce, Puglia. The branch has served to facilitate the stipulation of important orders in the area as well. Some of our most relevant operations in Lecce include the Carlo V Castle West Wing restotation and the North East Wing completion; the Acaya Castle consolidation and restoration; the Monastery of Santa Chiara enhancement and functional recovery; the restoration and refurbishment works of the Marchesale De Luca 1st, 2nd and 3rd lot – Melpignano. Our prestige and visibility have also increased via recent restoration works of the ‘500 city walls of Lecce. On the earthquake 10th anniversary,  the recovery and functional adaptation of Palazzo Onofri-Torrino in Foligno (PG) eventually granted CAPRIELLO VINCENZO S.R.L. the local administration appreciation for having been ‘Protagonists in the emergency; builders of hope; witnesses of rebirth.’

The long-standing staff collaboration was fundamental as it has always believed our business plan for the pursuit of the firm goals. Today, CAPRIELLO VINCENZO S.R.L. is among Italy’s first companies in terms of efficient planning and dynamic organisation. These qualities combine entrepreneurial and social expertise as our flagships. In short, the firm is leader in flaking quality interventions with continuous professional updating, business development and available resources, in a business concept tackling every aspect of conservative restoration. We provide the best solutions for the recovery of assets of conscious historical and artistic interest. Our strength simultaneously involves great teamwork expertise, which is carried out by professionals with different trainings, in full respect of the monumental quality and its practical function.

Our everlasting goals are:

ATTENTION with regard to construction details

In-depth ANALYSIS of the composition or modifications of the materials making up the artifacts

Philological RECOVERY of material components, recovery of details covered by previous stratifications.

SOA Certifications:

Certificato Classe Aggiornato al
OOG 2 Restauro e manutenzione dei beni immobili sottoposti a tutela VIII oltre euro 15.494.000 12/11/2021
OS 2-A Superfici decorate di beni immobili del patrimonio culturale e beni culturali mobili di interesse storico, artistico, archeologico ed etnoantropologico I fino a euro 258.000 12/11/2021
OS 21 Opere strutturali speciali I fino a euro 258.000 12/11/2021
OS 25 Scavi archeologici I fino a euro 258.000 12/11/2021
OG 1 Edifici civili e industriali IV fino a euro 2.582.000 12/11/2021
OG 11 Impianti tecnologici III bis fino a euro 1.500.000 12/11/2021