R.E.M.I. S.r.l. was founded in 2008, gaining in the course of its work a wide and consolidated experience in the field of restoration of assets underprotection, put at the service of the main Italian monuments.
Today R.E.M.I. S.r.l. also wants to be innovation: the new challenge is to combine sustainability and conservation, energy efficiency and protection of historic buildings, with the aim of reinterpreting restoration to define new areas of expressive balance between history and technological
innovation. It renews the promise of a highly qualified, competitive and technologically advanced service, in the full conviction that research, experimentation, innovation and the intelligent use of technologies must dialogue positively with the historical context, the protected building and
the pre-existence to be preserved. To date, R.E.M.I. S.r.l. has significant experience in the processes aimed at the building, structural and energy redevelopment of historic buildings. Among the current orders in progress, the Restoration and Conservative Restoration of the facades of the Tempio Maggiore (Synagogue) and the Palace of Culture, owned by the Jewish Community of Rome.

SOA Certifications:

Certificato Classe Aggiornato al
OG 2 Restauro e manutenzione dei beni immobili sottoposti a tutela VIII oltre euro 15.494.000 24/03/2022
OS 2-A Superfici decorate di beni immobili del patrimonio culturale e beni culturali mobili di interesse storico, artistico, archeologico ed etnoantropologico I fino a euro 258.000 24/03/2022
OS 25 Scavi archeologici III bis fino a euro 1.500.000 24/03/2022