Italian-russian school

Training programme for 45 Russian professionals from the FGUP CNRPM (Central Scientific Research Project Workshops), and other state or private institutions, coming from all the territory of the Russian Federation, in compliance with the dispositions of a joint protocol signed by Assorestauro - FGUP CNRPM and the Post-Graduate School for Architectural and Landscape Heritage of UNIROMA-La Sapienza University, sponsored by ICE. The project included 7 training sessions, as follows: 6 sessions in Moscow held by teachers from the Post-Graduate School, Russian teachers and members of Assorestauro; 1 two-week training session in Italy, of which 3 days were held at the school and the remaining days at the sites/monuments presented by the businesses members of Assorestauro.
The project activities ended in June 2014 and the final ceremony was held in October 2014.
The school proceedings in English and Russian, whose digital version preview was presented during the Restoration Exhibition of Ferrara 2015, were printed as a book published by Nardini Editore.


Beside Assorestauro, the other ORGANIZERS and PARTNERS of the project are

ICE Mosow

Started in 1967, ICE Moscow helps Italian businesses through coordination desks in Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg and an information desk in Sochi. The network of ICE in Russia includes 35 members of staff providing a wide range of services to widen contacts between Italian and Russian businesses, trade unions, associations, importers and distributors. In addition to Russia, ICE Moscow also works with projects in Armenia, Belarus and Turkmenistan.

Shchusev Architecture Museum

The museum was established in January 1934 simultaneously with the Academy of Architecture of URSS, of which it was once a division. It is the National Museum of Russian Architecture, based in Moscow, and a research centre for the study and promotion of the architectural and urban heritage staffed by the leading Russian experts of history and theory of architecture. Until the early 1990s, the museum was accommodated in Donskoi monastery, while today it is housed in a noble residence, an example of Russian Classicism from the late 18th century.

University of Rome La Sapienza

Founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, La Sapienza University in Rome is one of the oldest universities worldwide and boasts high performances in the leading international rankings. Its mission is contributing to the building of knowledge through research, education of quality and excellence and international cooperation.
La Sapienza University offers a wide range of educational curricula, including over 250 degree courses and 200 master courses.
Encompassing 11 faculties, 63 departments and a number of study centres, La Sapienza University reaches the degree of excellence in several research fields, including archeology, physics, astrophysics, humanities and cultural heritage, environment, nanotechnologies, cellular and genic therapy, design, aerospace.

Art Restoration Institute

High School institution based in Moscow, whose educational curriculum pertaining to restoration consists in studying history topics with theoretical insights in the sector of restoration and practical activities in monumental restoration.  The Art Restoration Institute carries out international activities by participating to exhibitions, seminars, conferences.

Financing Organization


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